Introducing Total Gold Veterinary Formulation For Horses

TOTAL GOLD (TM) is our latest generation formulation that includes Hoof Gold, Coat Gold, Bone GoldTM and a complete spectrum of additional Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids.

The new formula is designed as a complete supplement, with proven clinical and radiographic results. 

Total Gold supplementation includes Hoof, Bone,  Joint and Coat, in addition to all your essential vitamin and mineral requirements.

Total Gold is a unique patent Veterinary formulation designed to be a complete supplement to support hooves, bones, joint, soft tissue and coat, in addition to supporting all the essential daily vitamin, mineral and amino acid requirements of a horse.

Other international and Australian supplement and feed manufactures would prefer you purchase multiple different supplements to cover all your horse’s needs. This makes feeding time complicated, increases the risk of potential binding between supplements and is not cost effective.

Finally, a product that covers all your horses needs in one tub.

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Β Vitamin D Levels in Bone GoldΒ 

A recent research paper produced by the Hong Kong Jockey Club addresses the 1978 NRC Equine Feeding guidelines. The research showed that previous guidelines were obsolete and needed to be revised with daily intakes radically requiring an increase.

The 1978 NRC supplementation levels were erroneously based on injectable dose rates and serum Vit D levels were not measured.

The recent research validates the Bone Gold recommended feed rate as being correct.

Note the following quotation:

It should be noted that the NRC recommendations were extrapolated from an in vivo experimental study conducted in 1979 [31] where circulating vitamin D metabolites were not measured. In light of more recent advances in equine research, up to date and evidence based guidelines are much needed to better inform daily dietary requirements for vitamin D for sedentary and athletic horses.

Hoof Gold Keratoma Surgery Support

After this keratoma surgery, Hoof Gold was used to support hoof growth. Here's two pictures that show the growth.

  • 48.1 mm in 77 days
  • 18.7 mm in 30days
Post Keratoma surgery 8 Jan

The hoof post Keratoma surgery 8th January

Hoof post keratoma surgery 27 March

The hoof showing 48mm growth by 27th March with Hoof Gold

Australia’s Most Recommended Horse Hoof Supplement*

* As recommended by Vets and Farriers

Hoof Gold PackHoof Gold has been formulated after 27 years of field experience with debilitated horses feet, working with Vets, Farriers and Clients to produce Australia’s highest quality hoof supplement. It has been specifically designed and made in Australia to address our diverse and harsh conditions in all Equine disciplines

Noticeable improvement in the horse’s hooves in a surprisingly short period of time


I have been a farrier for nearly 40 years.

In all my years of shoeing and trialling many hoof supplements, I have been amazed at the results we have seen with Hoof Gold.

No other product on the market that I have trialled, has given my clients' horses fast and positive results.

After many years and many products, I can now say I solely use and recommend Hoof Gold to all my clients.

Steve Costin

- Master Farrier, Beaudesert Queensland

Significant change in the health and quality of hoof growth


All my Competition horses, and many of my students’ horses have shown a significant change in the health and quality of hoof growth since they’ve been on HOOF GOLD.

Our performance horses need consistent support for optimum hoof health and we LOVE this product!

Lesley Brodbeck

- NCAS BHS Accredited Coach, Australian 3DE Representative Interschool Coach (Stuartholme)

I've never seen anything else that can compare to the outcomes


The results I have seen when I have advised my clients to put their horses or ponies on HOOF GOLD have been nothing short of astounding. They now have their laminitic horses galloping around their paddocks, horses with brittle feet or seedy toe experiencing rapid hoof growth with incredible improvements in hoof integrity and quality.

This product is a godsend and I've never seen anything else that can compare to the outcomes that I've seen on each and every single horse that I've recommended it for.

Olaf Huenerberg

- Master Farrier, Olaf's Hoofcare & Horsemanship