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Introducing Total Gold Veterinary Formulation For Horses

TOTAL GOLD (TM) is our latest generation formulation that includes Hoof Gold, Coat Gold, Bone GoldTM and a complete spectrum of additional Vitamins, Minerals and Amino Acids.

The new formula is designed as a complete supplement, with proven clinical and radiographic results. 

Total Gold supplementation includes Hoof, Bone,  Joint and Coat, in addition to all your essential vitamin and mineral requirements.

Total Gold is a unique patent Veterinary formulation designed to be a complete supplement to support hooves, bones, joint, soft tissue and coat, in addition to supporting all the essential daily vitamin, mineral and amino acid requirements of a horse.

Other international and Australian supplement and feed manufactures would prefer you purchase multiple different supplements to cover all your horse’s needs. This makes feeding time complicated, increases the risk of potential binding between supplements and is not cost effective.

Finally, a product that covers all your horses needs in one tub.

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