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Following the success of HOOF GOLDTM, BONE GOLDTM and COAT GOLDTM we’ve had a massive amount of calls and emails from Veterinarians, Farriers and clients requesting a complete formulation – a supplement that fulfils all their horse’s needs with the benefits of all our supplements combined.

After 12 months of research and development we are proud to release our next generation product: TOTAL GOLDTM  – an industry first, finally a supplement that completes all your horses needs in addition to the comfort of knowing there are Veterinary Reports detailing clinical and radiological responses to supplementation.

Some of the cases are detailed in the following YouTube video:

TOTAL GOLDTM is produced with the same attention to detail as all our range with the highest quality pharmaceutical grade ingredients manufactured in an Australian APVMA CLASS 2 registered and certified Laboratory.

Unlike most other supplements made in feed barns or pet food factories, this guarantees the quality and quantity of each ingredient in all our products.

VET GOLDTM products are made in the same laboratories as many Veterinary Pharmaceuticals with the highest quality control standards in the Australian Veterinary industry.

Our products are developed with specialist bioengineers focused on ensuring maximising product effectiveness balancing ingredient ratios and particle sizes to optimise physiological uptake, digestibility and stability.

Extensive research and development in conjunction with clinical testing and observation by Veterinary Surgeons on clinical equine and canine cases is conducted on all our products.

Dr Watts has lectured at Equine Veterinary Association meetings, at the University of Queensland and runs regular remedial Equine podiatry workshops in conjunction with Veterinary colleagues and Farriers in addition to running a busy clinical Equine Practice.

VET GOLDTM is a family-owned Australian business that takes pride in all our product range with comprehensive personal support with any questions answered directly by Dr Andrew Watts and his stoic knowledgeable partner Mel Watts.

Please feel welcome to contact us anytime, we look forward to personally providing any technical or medical support or information regarding our products.

Dr John Russell European and Australian Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery
Olaf Huenerberg Master Farrier, Olaf's Hoofcare & Horsemanship
Steve Costin Master Farrier, Beaudesert Queensland
Lesley Brodbeck NCAS BHS Accredited Coach, Australian 3DE Representative Interschool Coach (Stuartholme)
Belinda Stafford

Dr John Russell (BVMS MRCVS MANZCVS Diplomat ECVS EBVS European and Australian Registered Specialist in Equine Surgery) and HV Performance Australia

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.

If you believe in that philosophy, then hoof health should be your highest priority. Here at The Horse Vet and HV Performance Australia we fully endorse all the products we sell and recommend.

We have been trialling Hoof Gold for some time and we are very impressed by the improvements in our horses’ hoof health as an aid to improve performance. Hoof Gold aid's in hoof growth, shelly and sensitive hooves developing an increase in hoof strength and an appearance of travelling more soundly, and cracks stopping their progress in this wet to dry weather.

Just by adding this supplement our horses' hoof health has improved substantially both on shod and unshod ridden horses. The foot is the most vital area of the horse where attention to detail can make a huge difference.

We recommend Hoof Gold to all of our clients from pleasure up to the high-performance athlete.

I've never seen anything else that can compare to the outcomes

The results I have seen when I have advised my clients to put their horses or ponies on HOOF GOLD have been nothing short of astounding. They now have their laminitic horses galloping around their paddocks, horses with brittle feet or seedy toe experiencing rapid hoof growth with incredible improvements in hoof integrity and quality.

This product is a godsend and I've never seen anything else that can compare to the outcomes that I've seen on each and every single horse that I've recommended it for.

Noticeable improvement in the horse’s hooves in a surprisingly short period of time

I have been a farrier for nearly 40 years.

In all my years of shoeing and trialling many hoof supplements, I have been amazed at the results we have seen with Hoof Gold.

No other product on the market that I have trialled, has given my clients' horses fast and positive results.

After many years and many products, I can now say I solely use and recommend Hoof Gold to all my clients.

Significant change in the health and quality of hoof growth

All my Competition horses, and many of my students’ horses have shown a significant change in the health and quality of hoof growth since they’ve been on HOOF GOLD.

Our performance horses need consistent support for optimum hoof health and we LOVE this product!

The seedy toe disappeared

I'm one of Olaf's clients and after years of battling cracks and seedy toe on one of our mares, Olaf recommended Hoof Gold.

Within weeks, the seedy toe disappeared and the cracks running up into the coronet are growing down!

We have had this mare for 10 years and nothing we have tried has worked until now! It's amazing stuff!!!

I've also tried it on an itchy mare of mine as I thought she would benefit from the product as her feet weren't the best when I got her and to my surprise, her itch is gone! I tried Hoof Gold on another itchy mare and she too has stopped itching!

Remarkable stuff! It's like winning the lotto.

I recommend it to everyone now.